FileVision Health Case Management

Highly Configurable
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FileVision Healthcare’s Case Management (CRM) software FileVision Health, fits the needs of any organization, whatever the size. Small and medium sized organisations and enterprises alike make use of the FileVision Health’s document management software, document imaging, workflow and case  management technology.

The Essentials of Good Management

  • Relationship Management – FileVision Health unique relationship management module offers complete flexibility in data storage by offering the ability to create unlimited data sets that can be linked to documents.

  • Document Management – FileVision Health provides a graphically intuitive interface that automates the management of documents and their versioning, auditing and archival. Annotations, colour-coded document status and multiple levels of security, round out the FileVision Health feature-rich document management module.

  • Workflow – FileVision Health’s workflow management module automates and monitors business procedures, allowing critical path processes to be assigned to documents. With user-definable fields and flexible options, workflow can be easily configured for existing processes and provides improved and efficient task management along with multiple levels of accountability, security and control.

  • Custom Behaviors – In an effort to offer more flexibility and customization for each individual organization, FileVision developed Custom Behaviors. This advanced macro language allows the FileVision system to be easily configured for complex business rule automation while eliminating lengthy user processes.

Why FileVision Health


Client information is often kept in various databases or as hard copy. Using FileVision Health providers can view and report easily on all its clients in one centralized area. Reporting is more accurate, quicker and information sharing is easier within and between provider locations.


Staff conduct and counselling support, for both clients and family/careers of clients. Notes from these sessions are typically written up and kept as hard copy documents. Counselling notes can now be stored electronically and are not seen by anyone other than the person who has written the notes, providing a more secure way of storing confidential documents.


Service information, such as clinical notes, is often kept in a paper folder. Obtaining this information is reliant on the folder being where it should be and if contact details changed this would need to be recorded manually often in several locations.. Providers now have all this information available in real time, regardless of location in a secure and easily accessible manner (for example through the internet portal available within FileVision Health).


Providers often have resources that they wish to make available to clients, such as books, audio CDs and other resources located in different locations across the organisation. By centralising all the resources into the one database, staff can search for an appropriate resource and find out instantly if it is available or enter a request on the resource.

Contacts (Address Book)

Traditionally address books are stored locally on individual drives and Outlook in these mediums. Providers hold all relevant people, organisation and business information that offer goods and services to the provider’s clients and patients. This list is now held within FileVision Health and is searchable by multiple criteria such as service provided location etc.

Programmes and Groups

Providers can run different programmes and groups during the year. Providers hold lists of people wishing to attend the programmes, some who are not necessarily active clients. These people are now held within the CRM and details such as email address and postal address along with which types of groups and programmes they wish to be a part of is now captured. Now providers who organise these programmes can quickly create lists of people who need contacting by email or a mail merge letter. FileVision Health manages the complete process.

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