Healthcare Price Transparency

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To help consumers more easily compare costs for common services, hospitals must also produce a consumer-friendly list of shoppable service bundles. FileVision’s Hospital Price Transparency Tool can help your hospital on the final leg of the Price Transparency journey.

Health System/Hospital Price Transparency Goals

  • Provide efficient, scalable way to meet requirements of CMS Price Transparency regulations.

  • Consumer friendly web interface to view selected procedures.
  • Utilize automation for improved consistency, centralization, greater accountability and compliance of mandate.

  • Get ahead of Price Transparency requirements not trail them

Price Transparency Readiness

We work with hospital IT departments to determine the best approach to display the data

  • User-friendly
  • Informative
  • Easy to understand and comprehensive

  • Format could incude .XML, .JSON and .CSV; PDF format is not machine-readable
  • Easily accessible and without barriers (free of charge, no password)
  • CMS specified a naming convention that must be used
  • Hospitals have flexibility with format
  • Can be replaced by internet-based price estimator tool

CMS final rule (CMS-1717-F2)

Publish the five standard charges for all items and services in a comprehensive machine-readable digital file. 

The five standard charges are:


Gross charges


Payer-specific negotiated charges


Discounted cash prices


De-identified minimum negotiated charges


De-identified maximum negotiated charges

Secure and Reliable Software as a Service (SaaS)

Light on IT

Rapid deployment without draining your resources. Strong ROI compared to internal Build scenario.

Easy to Deploy and Maintain

No software to install or maintain

High Performance

High Performing and Scaleable Server Infrastructure.

Secure – Certificates

Secure-Industry standard certificates.


Application – SAS model deployed on the cloud or on premise

Network – Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, SSL encryption

Outtakes from Price Transparency articles

Compliance will incur substantial initial and ongoing costs to maintain compliance as rules change in the future.

Many employers are considering hospital quality transparency and pricing transparency as strategies in order to promote value-based care for their employees.